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Call for Workshop Proposals | 2012 National NOW Conference

Call for Workshop Proposals
2012 National NOW Conference

February 15, 2012

Prepare and submit a workshop proposal for the 2012 National NOW Conference, June 29 - July 1. Submissions are due April 2, so please make it a priority to organize your panel and submit your proposal by the deadline. We will finalize workshop plans by the first week of May so that panelists can make their travel plans in plenty of time.

The title of the conference is Energize! Organize! Stop the War on Women. Women's issues are front and center of a red-hot public debate right now, and we want to make sure feminist activists are prepared for the challenges we face on so many fronts. We must also get the word out about what is at stake for women this November, because another loss like the 2010 elections could spell the end of so many of our hard-fought gains. At the conference, feminists will re-focus, re-commit and become ever more determined to succeed.

We know that money and power are entrenched in our political system in a way that makes it difficult for feminist voices to be heard and our goals to be achieved. Here are some questions that workshops might explore:

» What are the ideas that can inspire feminists to push back against anti-women's rights, anti-reproductive rights, anti-LGBT, anti-union, anti-government and anti-economic justice forces?

» How can feminist activists shape a public debate more relevant to women's needs?

» What new tactics can we deploy to push back against attacks on women's reproductive rights?

» How can we get decision-makers to tackle the really important needs of our society, like a major jobs creation effort, dramatically reducing poverty, narrowing the wealth gap, passing equal pay legislation, strengthening the social safety net and so many other critical issues?

Also at this year's conference: NOW Foundation has teamed up with the Institute for Women's Policy Research to host a summit titled Making the World Better for Mothers and Caregivers. Through its own special track of workshops and speakers, the summit will explore the challenges women encounter on a daily basis in nurturing children, supporting partners and caring for ill or aging relatives. We aim to present progressive ideas that will strengthen our families and our nation.

For the second year, we will also schedule "After-Workshops" so that attendees can enjoy lighter, more entertaining presentations and activities in the evening. If you have an idea for an After-Workshop, please don't hesitate to submit a proposal.

Please submit your workshop proposals online by Monday, April 2. See you at the conference!

More information on the conference can be found online.

Remember to register to attend the conference, and book your hotel room NOW!


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