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Feb 2012 Chapter & State Leadership Memo

Chapter and State Leadership Memo

TO: NOW Chapter and State Leaders
FROM: Erin Matson, Action Vice President
Allendra Letsome, Membership Vice President
DATE: February 2012


    2010 annual report form now available
    Don't miss a single paper mailing
    Does your chapter use Twitter?
    Save the date! March 14, 8 p.m.
    Newsletter Content from NOW President
    Brochures online
    Chapter organizing manual online
    NOW Accessibility Checklist
    Ordering NOW rounds
    Paper mailings discontinued
    New member contact information
    Membership dues
    Delegate Mailings will be coming soon
    Cash your checks within 90 days
    No more opting in
    Report available online


Now available! Fill out your (required) 2010 annual chapter report form before the end of the year: The 2010 annual report form is required for all chapters per NOW policy, and serves as a measure of the health and progress of our chapters. This report also gives you the opportunity to provide the names of your most recently elected officers. You can fill out the form at http://www.now.org/chapters/internal/structure/annual-report-2010.html Note: The original due date was December 31, 2011. We'll replace this form with the 2011 annual report form soon, but given that we had some technology issues close to the deadline, we are giving chapters an extra chance to catch up on last year's requirement!

Delegate mailings, periodic paper leadership mailings - please verify your chapter contact information: Don't let an activist slip through your fingers! To make changes, contact member@now.org with the subject line "Chapter Contact Information Change." If you are unsure what information we have on file, please simply email the current information and we will make sure the records are correct.

Does your chapter have a Twitter account? If so, send a link to your account to content@now.org so we can include you in the @NationalNOW list of NOW chapters.

Join our third monthly organizing webinar for NOW chapter leaders! March 14, 2012 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. We will cover basic chapter organizing issues, from minutes to bylaws and more. Please register online.



Attention Newsletter Editors: Looking for something to fill out your chapter newsletter? How about something with a national perspective? NOW President Terry O'Neill has written a short piece emphasizing the importance of the 2012 elections. This piece will not run in the National NOW Times, which is not scheduled to print again until after the National NOW Conference. Instead, we are making this article available to chapters for publishing in your newsletters. Please contact Lisa Bennett at communications@now.org or 202-628-8669, ext. 123 if you are interested.

Printable PDFs of NOW brochures are available online. We have color and black-and-white versions of our most popular brochures available to download and print at your convenience, including a Spanish version of the general NOW brochure, a brochure specifically addressing reproductive justice, and a brochure specifically targeting young feminists. Please find them and instructions for printing online in the chapters-only website.

The NOW Chapter Organizing Manual is available online. This manual is packed with tactical tips and tools you can use to organize in your community. Please find it online in the chapters-only website.

NOW Accessibility Checklist for Meeting Space is available online. All NOW meetings should be open and accessible to all NOW members. Chapters should consult the NOW Accessibility Checklist for every meeting and location. The Accessibility Checklist can be found online in the chapters-only website.

Order NOW rounds. For a limited time, the National Action Center will be selling and shipping NOW rounds to chapters. Use the link on the chapters-only page to place your order. Quantities are limited. Please allow for 10 business days for fulfillment and shipping. If you have any questions, please send them to vpmember@now.org.

Membership information must be ordered online from the National NOW Action Center in the following ways:

Membership lists and mailing labels: Please order all membership lists using the Order Form for Membership Lists in our chapters-only website. Chapters may order up to one set of list requests per month. Please order your files at least five business days before your deadline. If you need them sooner, fill out the form and then call (202) 628-8669.

In order to save money and better allocate staff time, all mailing label requests will now be delivered via e-mail in Excel file format. Although we can no longer print and mail lists and/or sticky labels for your chapter, we have added downloadable step-by-step instructions to our chapters-only website so you can print your own sticky labels quickly and easily.

If you notice chapter members for whom we don't have a current address, or have other corrections, send changes to member@now.org or write in the corrections on your enclosed officer report and mail them back to the National NOW Action Center, 1100 H Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C., 2005.

Transaction reports: Transaction reports are available by e-mail upon request. Contact membersys@now.org



Things to remember when sending in new memberships: Make sure the person who submits memberships for your chapter includes a daytime phone number and e-mail address in case we have questions. Also, on the form for each new member, please include the member's e-mail address and phone number as often as you can. Remember to fill in your chapter number on each membership application.

All about membership dues: All membership dues with chapter checks and other chapter updates should be sent to NOW Action Center, Attention: Membership Department, 1100 H Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005. Do not send items to the P.O. Box. A few more things:

Lifetime members: If you recruit a new lifetime member, remit $630 to National NOW and proof of payment for the remaining $370. For lifetime renewals, send the entire $1,000, and you will receive the rebate through the normal rebate process.

Other members: If a member gives you their renewal dues, remember to send the entire amount to us! It is from these dues that we generate rebates. It is only with new or reinstating lapsed members that you should send us $15 (for a dues payment of more than $20) or $10 (for a dues payment of $20 or less). The minimum amount for membership is $10.

Remember, it is not until we receive payment at the NOW Action Center that a membership transaction is complete.



Chapter Delegate Mailings will go out March 5 - 9. Make sure that your chapter's contact information and officer information are correct and up-to-date. Send all information and changes to member@now.org. (If your leadership changes after the mailing is sent, please make every effort to notify the National Action Center no later than Friday, June 15.)



Don't wait to cash your chapter rebate checks: A friendly reminder to please cash your chapter rebate checks as soon as you receive them. All checks are valid for 90 days from the date of issue, and after are considered forfeited and must be returned to the NOW Action Center. In addition, you will not receive subsequent rebate checks until the most previously issued check has been cashed or returned.

No more opting in: Effective January 2011, the NOW National Action Center began to pay 100% monthly rebates due to all eligible chapters regardless of "opting in." Balances owed will still be updated and posted to the chapters-only website. Ability to pay additional amounts beyond current rebates due will be assessed in the coming months. Thank you for your commitment and support during difficult financial times for the organization; we're all glad to be getting back on track!

A rebate report is available on the chapters-only website:
http://www.now.org/chapters/internal/finances/rebates.html Note that in accordance with accounting best practices, we are paying oldest invoices due first. So, if your chapter has old balances paid off you may see new balances being added to the register. If your chapter does have a balance to be paid off, you can expect to receive at least as much or more than the current rebate due.



Attend your regional conference. It's time once again for the regional conferences. Please check www.now.org/regions for updated information on the conference in your region.


To access online resources for chapter leaders, go to www.now.org/chapters, or go to the homepage and click "chapters" on the top navigation bar. Once you are on the page, click on the "website for chapter leaders" link above the map. If you need a password reminder, please call (202) 628-8669. Please do not e-mail the password.


*FYI: This memo is also available on the website for chapter leaders at http://www.now.org/chapters/internal/membership/feb12.html.



© 2012 National Organization for Women

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