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Infuriating: Stop the War on Birth Control!

Dear ,

We are expecting a vote on the anti-birth control Blunt Amendment tomorrow. NOW activists are burning up the phone lines, urging wavering senators to oppose this outrageous restriction. With your help we can win this fight. I'm resending this email because every dollar helps. Please give today!


Stop the War on Birth Control!

Dear ,


It's hard to believe, but true. Extremist leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are taking aim at birth control. Not abortion. Birth control.

Last week we witnessed an appalling spectacle as Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) chaired a hearing on the Affordable Care Act's regulations for birth control coverage -- with almost no women permitted to be witnesses. NOW is fighting back, and we need your help.

Explaining why he wouldn't allow Sandra Fluke, a third-year student at Georgetown Law School, testify at his hearing on contraception coverage, Rep. Issa said she didn't have the right "qualifications" or "credentials." According to Issa, only eight men and two women -- all representing the fundamentalist wings of their religions and all adamantly opposed to women's reproductive rights -- were fit to present their views on birth control to the House of Representatives of the United States of America.

Whose House? Our House!
NOW is not about to allow Darrell Issa or any other extremist politician undermine women's access to birth control. More than 98 percent of sexually active women, including Catholic women, use birth control at some point, and strong majorities of women and men agree that birth control should be included in employer health plans, including religiously affiliated employers like hospitals, colleges and nonprofits.

I have said publicly that politicians who act to restrict birth control will pay a heavy price at the polls -- and NOW has a plan to make that happen. You can help.

We are building a nationwide voter education and mobilization project to get the word out about what is at stake for women in this fall's elections. We have an opportunity this year to oust the anti-choice, anti-women extremists who swept into office in 2010 and replace them with women who will champion our issues and fight for our rights.

That's where you come in. Your contribution will help us launch this ambitious mobilization project. Every dollar counts as we aim to thwart the efforts of the current House majority to deny women basic reproductive health care, and then send those legislators packing in November.

We don't have a moment to spare. Please let me hear from you right away.

For women's lives,
Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women

P.S. Please give as generously as you can -- if we let them succeed in denying women access to birth control, what will they target next?

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