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On Friday, we alerted you that Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to hold another special session to pass the dangerous anti-abortion bill that would criminalize abortion at 20 weeks and close almost all of Texas’ women’s health clinics. Our friends at Feminist Majority have launched a massive campaign to flood his office and social media feeds with our outcry against his attack on women’s reproductive rights. Please read Ellie’s note below and take action today since the special session is taking place tomorrow!


Terry O'Neill
National Organization for Women
Feminist Majority

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Dear ,

We just learned that Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to hold another special session.

His plan? To pass SB5 and negate Sen. Wendy Davis' 12-hour-long fillibuster to defeat a TRAP law that would have closed the majority of her state's abortion clinics.

We're pissed off. Help us tell Gov. Perry that the fight has just begun.

He's planning to start the next special session July 1. That means we have four days to flood his office and social media feeds.

Tweet at him using #PissedAtPerry. Email him. Post on his Facebook page. Flood his office with calls.

We won in Texas Tuesday night, thanks to Sen. Davis and all of her strong supporters. But Gov. Perry is determined to make that victory short-lived. Let's show him who he's dealing with.

For equality,

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Eleanor Smeal
Feminist Majority

1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 801, Arlington, VA 22209 | 703.522.2214

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