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Dear Nevada NOW Members and Supporters:

As you may be aware, the Nevada Assembly is considering ratifying the federal Equal Rights Amendment. A ratification resolution has already passed the state Senate and passage in the House looks promising. ERA supporters have been working to assure that the ratification measure keeps moving forward. 

You can help by calling your Assembly member (links to a member directory are below) and urging them to vote for ratification. You will need to do this ASAP as the committee meets on Tuesday, March 7, and the full Assembly vote is scheduled for the following day. Member Directory

Below is information prepared by Janette Dean, Organizer for the Nevada ratification of the ERA, that provides further details on the committee hearing, the full Assembly floor vote on March 8 (International Women's Day!) and tips on the video feed and parking if you would like to be there for this historic event. If the ERA is ratified in Nevada, that leaves us with two more states to reach the magic number of 38 for full ratification. NOW GRASSROOTS ACTION CAN HELP ASSURE THAT THE RATIFICATION MEASURE PASSES IN THE NEVADA ASSEMBLY.  

Jan Erickson
GOVERNMENT RELATIONS DIRECTOR ~ National Organization for Women

Nevada Assembly Committee Hearing on SJR 2 to Ratify the ERA

Tuesday, March 7 from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM  (Carson City & videoconference in Las Vegas / live video feed)

Nevada Assembly Floor Discussion & Vote on SJR 2 to Ratify the ERA
Probably on Wednesday, March 8 from 11 AM - 12:30 PM (Carson City / live video feed)



We've now leapt over 2 of 4 hurdles toward final passage of Senate Joint Resolution 2 by Senators Pat Spearman & Yvanna Cancela for long overdue Nevada ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment! NEXT--FROM CARSON CITY and LAS VEGAS--HELP US CROSS THE FINISH LINE THAT IS WITHIN SIGHT! 

HURDLE 1 = Voted Mon. 2/22 out of Assembly L.O.E. Committee 4-1! 

- https://vimeo.com/205925379 (3 min. video of supporters)
- http://bit.ly/2l1yLDT (supporters' photo album)
- http://bit.ly/2mPOPur (full 2/20 hearing*)
- http://bit.ly/2loFvkk (full 2/22 work session & vote)

* Incl. my written testimony on why two wrongs do not make a right: https://goo.gl/3nbn4X & ERA Overview: https://goo.gl/DR2Glw

HURDLE 2 =  Voted Weds. 3/1 out of full Senate 13-8!
- First Day of Women's History Month!
- http://bit.ly/2mCxWqo (historic floor discussion & vote; start at 11:17 min.)

HURDLE 3 = Vote Needed Tues. 3/7 out of Assembly L.O.E. Committee (11 members) in Carson City / Videoconference from Las Vegas

HURDLE 4 = Vote Likely to be Held Weds. 3/8 out of full Assembly during 11 AM -12:30 PM Floor Session (42 members)

- International Women's Day; also Women's March General Strike

ACTION 1) ASK 11 Assembly L.O.E. Committee Members by e-mail & phone to vote YES on SJR2 to achieve bipartisan ratification of Constitutional Equal Rights!
(Democrats: Committee Chair Diaz / Araujo / Anderson / Bilbray-Axelrod / Daly / Monroe-Moreno / Ohrenschall as well as Republicans: Hambrick, Hansen, McArthur and Oscarson) 

ACTION 2) ATTEND Tuesday, March 7 1:30 Committee Hearing; SJR2 is the first Agenda item! (or watch with Tuesday's available video link)

ACTION 3) ATTEND likely Wednesday, March 8 Vote on SJR2 in Assembly Floor Session (or watch with Wednesday's available video link)
- Weds. session to be announced Tues. afternoon at: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Calendar/A/
- Can also contact ALL Assembly Members to participate in bipartisan passage: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Legislator/A/Assembly/

WHAT TO WEAR 3/7 & 3/8:
- Senator Spearman asks women and men to wear all white or some white if possible in honor of the suffragists; other colors of the movement are purple, gold and ERA YES kelly green. Pink is also always a color symbolizing women and, on 3/8, many women will be wearing pink pussy hats and/or red that Strike day. No signs are allowed in the building, but buttons, sashes and hats are!

There is a free parking lot south of the building, free and paid street parking around the block, and a multi-story lot in the back on Stewart street which a lot of legislators use. More carpool discussions may also be underway at event and group Facebook pages.

- https://www.facebook.com/groups/82758591462/
- https://www.facebook.com/groups/NvRatify/
- https://www.facebook.com/nevadawomenslobby/

- http://www.equalrightsamendment.org/
- http://www.eraaction.org/
- http://www.katrinasdream.org/
- http://www.equalmeansequal.org/
- http://www.eracoalition.org/

See you Tues. 3/7 & Weds. 3/8! On March 8, also stop by an Empowering Women all-day tabling event at the Legislature and a 5-8pm Int'l Women's Day Celebration at Reno's City Plaza by the BELIEVE sculpture. There is probably an event or two in Las Vegas, too. Thanks, everyone! 

With appreciation,

Janette Dean, Environmental Policy & Human Rights Advocate
- Organizer for Nevada ratification of the ERA (2014-2017)
- B.A. Political Science & Sociology, UNR (2015)
- Outstanding Legislative Intern, Nevada Legislature (2013)
775.771.8735 Cell
Twitter: @JanetteD

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