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Salsa Labs

Dear ,

NOW has some great news! We are moving to a spicy new set of online advocacy and email tools from the folks at Salsa Labs. This innovative software promotes greater efficiency in electronic communication, and it offers some exciting possibilities that will further empower both the NOW Action Center and supporters like you. Not to mention -- this system was built with progressive, grassroots organizations like ours in mind.

How can you help NOW get the most out of this zesty technology, and do yourself a favor in the process? Start by checking out your new web profile, created with information you've previously provided to us. Feel free to update any of this information, and sign up for additional email lists at the same time.

As you respond to future messages from NOW, like those that ask you to write to your members of Congress, things may look and function a little differently. Don't worry, we're getting used to the new environment as well! But when the dust settles, we believe our new partnership with Salsa will help NOW better connect with women's rights supporters and truly advance our mission of equality for all.

Right now is also a great time to:

Thanks for all you do -- whether it's using the Internet to make your voice heard or donating to NOW's latest action campaign, we greatly appreciate your support.

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