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NOW News and Action Summary

National Organization for Women:
News & Action Summary


Help Eradicate Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an extremely dangerous, inhumane, and medically unnecessary procedure that affects nearly 170,000 girls and women in the United States and 140 million around the world. FGM is currently illegal in this country under federal law, but Congress must do more to ensure this barbaric destruction of female genitalia -- which can lead to death -- is permanently and completely eradicated. U.S. Reps. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.) and Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) have recently introduced the Girls Protection Act (H.R. 5137) which would make it a crime to transport minors outside the U.S. for the purpose of performing FGM. Take action NOW!

NOW Applauds President's Expansion of Benefits to Same-Sex Partners of Federal Workers, Supports Efforts in Congress to Extend Full Range of Benefits

"NOW applauds the president's efforts to ensure that LGBT employees in the federal government are treated fairly when it comes to family benefits," said NOW President Terry O'Neill. "The list of rights and benefits denied to same-sex couples is a long one, and it exists because most same-sex couples cannot legally marry in the United States. The ultimate solution, obviously, is to change that. But this incremental step represents vital progress." Read more.

Set Off Fireworks at the National NOW Conference

Join Us at the Conference!

NOW will set off some fireworks of its own this Fourth of July weekend when we hold our annual conference in Boston, Mass., on July 2-4. The 2010 National NOW Conference will include a summit on health and body image issues, which led to this year's theme, Loving Our Bodies, Changing the World. New speakers have been added recently. Learn more and register online.

NOW Hails Votes to End Discriminatory Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy, Says Bill Does Not Go Far Enough -- Discharges Should End Immediately

"This has been a long time coming. More than 14,000 service members have had their careers cut short," said NOW President Terry O'Neill. "While NOW applauds the action taken by Congress, we believe that it does not go far enough." Read more.

NOW Supports Protests Against Arizona Immigration Law; Measure Will "Push Already Vulnerable Families Past The Breaking Point"

NOW joins the Arizona chapter of NOW in supporting the public protest against Arizona's controversial new immigration law, SB 1070, which makes it a state crime for a person to be undocumented. The law, as it stands, will take effect on July 29 unless the courts intervene. Learn more.

NOW Congratulates Sewell on Strong First-Place Finish in Alabama Primary

Alabama voters cast their ballots for Terri Sewell on June 1, giving her a first-place finish in the state's Democratic Party primary. Sewell received 37 percent of the vote and will face Shelia Smoot, who garnered 29 percent of the vote, in a July 13 runoff. NOW's Political Action Committee proudly endorsed Sewell, a first-time candidate for public office, early in her campaign. Sewell is running for an open seat in the House of Representatives from Alabama's 7th Congressional District. Read more.

JUNE 9, 2010

Action Spotlight


Activists in front of the White House

NOW joined the protest in Washington, D.C., to rally against SB 1070, Arizona's new discriminatory immigration bill, and express support for immigrant rights. The protest coincided with a meeting between President Barack Obama and Arizona's governor, Jan Brewer. See more photos on NOW's Facebook page or learn more about NOW's work on justice for immigrant women.

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