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Elaine Marshall

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Dear ,

I want to include you in a mission all of us at NOW/PAC are excitedly pursuing -- how to build on Elaine Marshall's tremendous victory in the Democratic primary runoff for U.S. Senate in North Carolina!

We have a chance to elect a strong, smart and courageous woman to the Senate. To do that, we need to shake up the party insiders -- just like we've done so many times before.

Shake things up by donating to the NOW/PAC.

Abandoning their longstanding principle of neutrality in party primaries, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee actively recruited a less experienced man for the North Carolina primary.

They said: a woman can't win.

People heard: a woman shouldn't win.

But NOW/PAC didn't get that memo, and neither did women across North Carolina. We delivered a convincing message to the party establishment yesterday, and we're not finished yet.

Can I tell Elaine Marshall you're helping us stand with her? Donate to the NOW/PAC so we can help Marshall win in November.

Elaine Marshall needs your support to ensure that her race becomes a top-tier, high-profile contest in the 2010 elections. While the media fawn over the success of conservative women candidates, Marshall is a feminist candidate who has the momentum to unseat a Republican incumbent. From the national Democrats to grassroots groups, the media, the blogosphere and the pundits -- I want Elaine Marshall's race to be in everyone's spotlight.

And that's right where she deserves to be. Elaine Marshall made history in 1997 when she defeated the candidate insiders said would have an "easy ride" to victory, former NASCAR driver Richard Petty, for the seat of Secretary of State, becoming the first woman in North Carolina to be elected to statewide executive office. Now, we need to work together to help Marshall, and other women candidates across the U.S., make history again.

Today, I'm asking you to make a special contribution to NOW/PAC so we can pull out all the stops for Elaine Marshall and other endorsed candidates. With only 17 women in the U.S. Senate, our hard work and united commitment is urgently needed.

In just a few days, on June 26, Elaine Marshall will meet Richard Burr in their first debate. I hope you'll check your local listings on that day if you're in North Carolina -- and if you're outside the state check to see if C-SPAN is airing the debate -- and when you watch, you'll know that, as a supporter of NOW/PAC, you're a stakeholder in this important race.

Please support NOW/PAC with a generous contribution today.

For justice and equality,

Terry O'Neill
NOW President and NOW/PAC Chair

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