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DADT Appeal

Get Out the Vote!

Dear ,

On October 1, 2010, Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) declared at a local church rally that gay people and unwed sexually active women should not be teaching in public schools.  Such sexist, hate-filled attitudes don't belong in the U.S. Senate -- and these days it is absolutely crucial that we not let bigots like DeMint take control of the 112th Congress.
Contribute today and on November 2nd, stand with NOW to keep ignorant, right-wing extremists out of our government!
With your help, we can support our grassroots activities in the states where feminists have the most to lose.  States like California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington and North Carolina.  We can return our friends to Congress and bring them reinforcements as well, but only if we have the resources. 
Contribute today.

With the elections less than a month away, there is absolutely no time to waste. NOW's nationwide network of grassroots activists are making phone calls, going door to door, and urging voters, especially women, to get out and vote -- but we cannot do it alone. 
Contribute today.

Who benefits if zealots like Jim DeMint grab control of Congress?  The billionaires and corporations who are funding them, that's who.  Our basic human rights are at stake.  Please help us get out the vote -- and don't forget to vote yourself!

For justice and equality, Contribute today

Terry O'Neill

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