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DADT Appeal

Not On Our Watch!

Dear ,

People will soon head to the polls in one of the most pivotal elections ever for women's rights.  We are faced with the very real possibility of losing one of our hardest won and most dearly held rights:  the right to a safe, legal and affordable abortion.  At least 8 candidates are on record saying that if elected, they will work to eliminate abortion rights, even in cases of rape, incest or to protect a woman's health.

We can stop this from happening if women get out and vote.  Support NOW in the final phase of our election action plan.

Our activists are already working in dozens of crucial races -- educating voters about the candidates' positions, recruiting women's rights supporters to volunteer in the field and lining up to get people to the polls to support our friends and defeat our foes.

The key to the right wing's strategy is to defeat the strong feminist women who have fought for our rights, our lives and our families in the House and Senate -- leaders like Senator Barbara Boxer in California, Senator Patty Murray in Washington State and Representative Suzanne Kosmas in Florida.  And experience has taught us that the radical right will do, say and spend whatever it takes to achieve its ends.

But we can stop them.  We have the experience, expertise and passion to stand up to the conservative onslaught and prevent a return to the disastrous policies of the Bush-Cheney administration.  Donate today to support our fight.

Your support will not only help protect feminist leaders targeted by the right wing, but also encourage more strong women to stand with them -- including rising stars like U.S. Senate hopefuls Robin Carnahan in Missouri and Elaine Marshall in North Carolina.  On the House side, we have courageous leaders like Lois Herr in Pennsylvania who is challenging Rep. Joe Pitts, co-author of the infamous Stupak-Pitts anti-abortion amendment to the health care reform bill, and Terri Sewell, who is poised to become the very first African-American woman elected to Congress from Alabama.

To thwart the far right's power grab, NOW needs your help today.  I know we're not ever going to back down or give up.   Please stand with us.  Donate today.

In solidarity, Contribute today

Terry O'Neill

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