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Feminist Action Network, National Organization for Women

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Become a NOW FAN today! Donate

You and I share a deep commitment to feminist values. And I'd like to tell you about another way to show your support for women's equality.

NOW's work is made possible by members of the Feminist Action Network, a special group of dedicated members. Those who join our Feminist Action Network (affectionately called NOW FANs) commit to a small, automatic monthly contribution to the National Organization for Women.

Are you a part of this special group of NOW members? If not, then consider joining NOW FANs today.

NOW FANs are committed to fueling direct action for women's rights.

Earlier this year, with the support of the FANs, we organized supporters from around the country to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina in order to protect and provide safe access to the doctors and patients at the Family Reproductive Health Clinic. Due to NOW's work, that was the first Saturday in 8 years that the clinic was free from harassment by Operation Save America!

NOW FANs also helped provide us with the means to activate our base to rally, picket, write, blog and lobby to keep the Federal Government from cutting and gutting Social Security.

Working together, your monthly gifts will make it possible for NOW to do what we do best -- fight back whenever women's rights are under assault. And the best part is that it's easy and convenient for you.

As a NOW FAN, you help fund the movement for women's equality.

FANs provide NOW with a steady and dependable flow of income. Your commitment ensures the funds are in place to support our campaigns for equality.

FANs allow NOW to act immediately whenever women's rights come under attack -- without spending precious time scrambling for the funds to take action.

NOW FANs save us time and money usually spent on fundraising, so more of your money goes directly to funding the grassroots actions that have made NOW so effective.

Being a NOW FAN is a convenient and easy way to make a difference.

You can give more, but you feel it less. Maybe a one-time gift of $300 isn't in the budget, but your monthly gift of $25 will equal that amount in just one year -- FAN makes giving easier.

You can authorize a debit from your checking account with electronic funds transfer or simply charge your credit or debit card. A record of each payment will appear on your monthly bank statement or credit card statement and will serve as your receipt. There are no notices and no need to mail a check or find a stamp -- FAN makes giving convenient.

Will you become a NOW FAN today?

For justice and equality,


P.S. You may cancel or change your contribution at anytime by calling us at 202.628.8669.


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