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NOW Action Alert

Urge Democratic Representatives to Support Pelosi
for House Minority Leader

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NOW celebrates Nancy Pelosi's decision to run for House Minority Leader and calls on activists to stand with her. It is crucial that you contact your Democratic representatives before the vote next week and tell them to support Pelosi for House Minority Leader.

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As the first female Speaker of the House, Pelosi is a champion of women's rights. She has been a steadfast and loyal ally to NOW, supporting legislation vital to equality for women. Pelosi is hailed as one of the most accomplished Speakers of the House in the entire history of Congress. She is a linchpin and powerful leader. Her continued leadership is vital in the newly elected Congress. Pelosi is one of us. Keep our champion as a leader in Congress!

If your member of Congress is a returning Democrat, please click here to tell them to support Pelosi as House Minority Leader. Do not delay; the need to support Pelosi is urgent and immediate; we need her!

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