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Annual NOW Renewal Notice

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Dear ,

It's being called the "war on women" for good reason. The House of Representatives voted to essentially zero out funding for Title X family planning clinics, which provide life-saving services like mammograms, pap tests, HIV and STD screening as well as birth control. This is a public health nightmare in the making, and an all-out attack on women's access to basic reproductive health care.

We are doing everything we can to stop this measure from gaining traction in the Senate, and we need your help. Your membership is up for renewal, and your continuing commitment to NOW has never been more important. You can renew today online, safely and securely.

The de-funding of family planning programs isn't the only attack we're facing. The House also voted to decimate funding for essential programs like prenatal care … women's and children's nutritional assistance … job training … college tuition assistance … and the list goes on. Think this is "shared sacrifice?" Hardly. The House measure actually increases military funding and enshrines tax breaks for the wealthiest while imposing the greatest burden on those who can least bear it -- predominantly women.

We're fighting back against these threats to women's health, livelihoods, and their very lives. If you haven't already renewed, please stand with us and renew your membership today.

NOW chapters around the country are working with their allies to organize rallies, walks, and demonstrations for women's reproductive rights. And we're gearing up for even more challenges like H.R. 358 (or as many call it, the "Let the Women Die Act") which allows public hospitals to let a pregnant woman die rather than perform a life-saving abortion; H.R. 3 (also known as "Stupak on Steroids") which permanently outlaws public funding for abortion care and imposes tax penalties on companies and employees whose insurance covers abortion; and H.R. 217 (we call it the "Public Health Nightmare Act") which permanently eliminates Title X family planning programs.

Will you stand you with us? Renew online today and help us defend women's rights -- and lives.

For over 40 years, NOW has stood up against these and other threats to women's lives and reproductive freedom. When you renew your membership, you stay a part of this vital network of feminist activists.

We are strongest together. Please renew today.

For justice and equality,

Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women
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