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The politicians and their Wall Street backers just won't let up. They are determined to undermine Social Security, just when millions of people need it most. We are determined to stop them, and we need your help.

Women rely on Social Security more than men, and that reliance is increasing in these tough economic times. Yet conservatives are pushing to cut benefits, either directly or by raising the retirement age. Help NOW debunk the Three Big Lies being used to justify benefit cuts:

  • LIE # 1: "We must cut Social Security to reduce the federal deficit." False. Social Security does not contribute to the budget deficit because it is a separate program funded by payroll taxes. Cutting benefits wouldn't even put a dent in the deficit.
  • LIE #2: "We must cut benefits to keep Social Security from going broke." Also false. Even if no changes are made to the system, it will be able to pay 100% of benefits through at least 2037. And we can achieve full solvency for the next 75 years and beyond by simply scrapping the current $106,800 cap on wages subject to the payroll tax.
  • LIE #3: "We must raise the retirement age because people are living longer." That's false too. In fact, women's life expectancy has stagnated over the past 30 years. Raising the retirement age would mean deep, cruel benefit cuts for women who work physically demanding jobs -- like nurses, who lift an average of one ton per day -- that force them into early retirement.

With your help, NOW can and will fight back. A small monthly contribution of $10, $25 or even $50 will make you a member of the Feminist Action Network and a key contributor to our efforts to strengthen Social Security, not cut it.

These regular gifts are monthly funding we can count on, and they help more than you will ever know, as we work to defeat these assaults on women's economic security.

We don't have a moment to spare. Please let me hear from you right away.

For equality and justice,
Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women


P.S. Every dollar counts. If you are unable to make a monthly gift, please consider the most generous one-time contribution you can afford.


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