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The Fair Elections Now Act (H.R. 6116/H.R. 1826) is an extremely important piece of legislation that must be adopted soon. This act would hold Congress accountable to the people rather than billionaires and wealthy special interest groups that can now bankroll candidates thanks to the recent Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. This misguided decision by the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has the potential to fundamentally undermine our democracy by removing limits on campaign spending, allowing wealthy backers to virtually buy members of Congress.

Take Action NOW! Contact your representative and urge her or him to push for a floor vote on the Fair Elections Now Act when Congress re-convenes after the election.

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The Fair Elections Now Act -- sponsored by Reps. John Larson (D-Conn.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.), and Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) and co-sponsored by 165 House members -- would amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971. This act would enable candidates to run for office through small constituency donations instead of forcing candidates to raise campaign funds from wealthy individuals and special interest groups. It would facilitate non-partisan financing through the establishment of a Fair Elections Fund that would match any donation of $100 or less made to candidates from their home states on a four-to-one basis. This 400 percent payment match would not cost taxpayers a cent, since funding would be procured through a small fee on large government contracts (for Senate campaigns) and a percentage of revenue generated from the sale of unused broadcast spectrum (for House campaigns).

This bill would set contribution and expenditure requirements, require public debate, determine eligibility of candidates to participate in the program, and allow for federal matching payments for qualified small dollar contributions. A Fair Elections Oversight Board would be established, and civil penalties would be imposed for violation of contribution and expenditure requirements.

On Sep. 23, the Committee on House Administration passed the Fair Elections Now Act, considered by many to be among the most extensive campaign financing reform legislation to come out since Watergate. We MUST take advantage of this historical opportunity and continue to push for a government that is of, by, and for the people.

Women need a government that is responsive to the concerns of ALL the people of this nation, not just those who can pay for congressional attention. Let's take our government out of the hands of big business, and place it back in the hands of the people. The feminist movement depends on it!

Join the more than 170 national and state organizations that have already submitted letters in support of this crucial act. Tell your representative our government is not for sale, and urge them to vote on The Fair Elections Now Act when they return from the congressional recess.

More Information: Historic Fair Election Act Passes Out of House Committee

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