"Count On Me" to Help Protect
Social Security on Nov. 30

People of all ages and from all political parties -- including the Tea Party -- oppose cutting Social Security benefits by raising the retirement age or any other means.

Yet, the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform seem dead set on deeply cutting Social Security benefits. To stop the commission from adopting this position, a broad coalition of groups is organizing a National Call Congress Day on Tuesday, Nov. 30.

By committing to call your senators and representative in Congress and demanding that they oppose any cuts to Social Security, you will help ensure that it will be there for you, your children and your grandchildren. Women, in particular, rely on Social Security, and they are counting on you!

Make your voice heard on Nov. 30 as part of the National Call Congress Day. And we promise to send you a reminder email with the toll-free number on Monday, the day before the call-in.

I pledge to take part in the National Call Congress Day on Tuesday, Nov. 30.

I pledge to invite my friends and family.

After signing the pledge below you will be redirected to the Facebook event page. From there you can invite all your friends to participate on Nov. 30.
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