Contact Your Senators: House Zeroes Family Planning Funding

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It's outrageous: the House of Representatives just voted to cut all screening, prevention and family planning funding from Planned Parenthood. Please contact your senators right away to let them know they must not allow this to move forward. Millions of women's lives are on the line.

Tell Your Senators to Stop this Assault on Planned Parenthood.

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Title X funding to Planned Parenthood provides access to HIV screenings, basic check-ups, pap smears, contraception and other non-abortion related services to millions of women and men each year. It saves lives.

In removing all funding from Planned Parenthood, extremists in the House are claiming to defund abortion. This is a downright lie, as Planned Parenthood does not use these funds to provide abortion care but rather to provide services to low-income persons who would otherwise have nowhere to turn. Revoking family planning funding would create a public health nightmare, and we must not it to happen.

We need to send a strong message to the Senate to let them know we will not allow them to rubber stamp a cruel and dangerous denial of reproductive health care.

That's why we're asking you to reply to all the messages you receive on this issue -- those from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Feminist Majority, and every other group you hear from. Collectively, we are determined to get tens of thousands of e-mails into the Senate by the end of next week.

Tell Your Senators to Stop this Assault on Planned Parenthood.

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