Tell Candy Crowley You've Got Her Back!

The rigid format of the town hall debate threatens to keep CNN's Candy Crowley a passive moderator on Tuesday night.

Unlike the first presidential debate, we hope that through Candy, women's issues will be a part of the discussion! Women's reproductive rights, health care access and economic security are all at risk in this election. Voters deserve to hear a discussion of these issues.

Please sign our petition to show your support for Candy Crowley and urge her to stand her ground.

Dear Candy,

Thank you for recognizing the importance of your job as moderator of a presidential debate. I pledge to support you in playing an active, vocal role in the town hall on Oct. 16.

I denounce efforts to reduce you to playing nothing more than microphone holder for the audience. Voters are counting on you to ask clarifying questions that will help them make a well-informed decision on Election Day.

I urge you to ensure that women's issues -- from attacks on women's reproductive rights to threats to health care access and economic security -- are addressed by both Mitt Romney and President Obama.

Thank you for all that you do for women across the U.S.

This petition is no longer active.

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