Stand Together: The Reproductive Rights Pledge for 2014

 All women have the right to have the children they want, raise the children they have, and plan their families through safe, legal abortion, and access to contraception, and pre- and post-natal care. For those rights to become a reality, women in all communities need to have the resources and the economic, social and political power to make health decisions about their bodies, their sexuality and their reproduction. 

I pledge to...

  • Speak out: Words have power. I won't use the words "pro-life" to describe those who support anti-choice policies that demean and disempower women. I will also encourage those around me to identify violence against abortion providers for what it is: terrorism.

  • Talk: I will talk to my family, friends, and neighbors about the need to promote all women's ability to make independent decisions, free from undue pressure and coercion. And I'll urge them to keep a candidate's stance on these issues in mind when they enter the voting booth.

  • Stay informed: I'll maintain awareness of reproductive rights legislation in my state. One way of staying informed is subscribing to NOW action alerts (you can sign up automatically through this pledge).

  • Get involved locally: I'll reach out to groups that provide clinic defense or escort services in my area, work for safe, affordable reproductive healthcare access in my community, or get involved with my local NOW chapter.

  • Get involved online: I'll use Twitter, Facebook and blogs to connect with others -- in my town, my state, my country and across the globe -- working for reproductive freedom and justice.
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