Women Demand: Stop Attacking Our Constitutional Rights

Sign our Petition!

The National Organization for Women strongly opposes the dangerous and immoral restrictions on abortion that are rolling out across the country. It is more important than ever that lawmakers hear from our grassroots members and activists about these attacks on women. Sign our petition to let them know that they must prioritize the health of their constituents and not the national extremist groups that seek to send us back to the Dark Ages.

By signing below I state my opposition to the dangerous and unconstitutional legislation currently moving through state legislatures that would return us to the Dark Ages and revert control of women’s bodies back to partisan politicians, just as it was prior to Roe v. Wade. I am pledging my voice and my support of the following:

• I don’t want to see my state succumb to a wider effort across the country to enact restrictions on a woman's right to safe, legal, affordable and accessible abortion care.

• I believe that six-week abortion bans, waiting periods, bans on public funding, insurance prohibitions, unnecessary clinic regulations — all of these laws are not designed to protect women. Instead, they are designed to deter them from accessing abortion.

• I believe these types of laws are out of step with the public views showing that 7 out of 10 voters believe that access to abortion care should be legal.

• I believe that for too long, politicians have interfered with the decision to end a pregnancy by imposing harmful rules and restrictions because they know that the right to abortion has no meaning if there is no access to care. And the consequences are devastating.

• I believe abortion restrictions eliminate access to quality family planning services and reproductive health care, perpetuate cycles of poverty, and disproportionately impact women of color, immigrant communities, young people, and people with low incomes.

• I urge the state legislature to reject all current and proposed bills that restrict access to safe, legal abortion and to stand with the majority of Americans who support women’s rights to health, safety and the pursuit of happiness.