Enough is Enough

Over the past few months, women and men have bravely shared their stories and experiences, putting a face and a name to the epidemic of sexual assault and harassment in this country. When asked about coming forward, so many of these survivors’ stories began with, “I was afraid to lose my job” and “I didn’t think I would work in the ____ industry again.”

Enough is Enough. Today, we stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault and tell them that their pain deserves to be heard; this issue needs to be acknowledged, and our communities have to dispense justice against those who perpetrate these crimes. We must take the conversation about sexual harassment and assault beyond “who did what to whom” and find concrete ways to dismantle the culture of sexual harassment and violence.

NOW’s Enough is Enough Campaign Will:

  • Host an Enough is Enough Summit that brings together experts to develop viable solutions to dismantle the culture of sexual assault and harassment.

  • Develop protocols to address the disproportionate impact of sexual assault on women of color, low-income women, and LGBTQIA+ women.

  • Support everyday women who face these challenges, not just famous and wealthy individuals who have come forward with their stories of sexual assault and harassment.  

  • Pass legislation that fairly and expeditiously deals with abusers and supports victims on federal, state, and local levels.